• me during the whole episode: *yells 'what the fuck'*
  • me at the end of the episode: *whispers 'what the fuck'*



Don’t get attached to unpopular ships because you will run out of fic and die


Sometimes I wish I could sit these actors down and buy them a beer and explain to them in firm but gentle tones that fangirls and fanboys are not as hysterical or ridiculous as they are so often played up to be.

I would tell them about this one artist who once designed a trueform Castiel, and how dozens of other artists were inspired by her, and everyone made a lot of art because of her. Or this other artist who once mapped out the inside of the TARDIS and how brilliant and inspiring that was. Or these other artists who became my friends because they were trying to recreate Eowyn’s dress. Or how one writer can create an alternate universe, and it’s so well-written that it blows every young adult fiction book I’ve ever read out of the water, and how literally hundreds of other writers and artists agree with me, and they create more stories and art because of it. Or how sometimes whole groups of writers get together and write series after series of stories based on their favorite shows, and how those series are so good that I would rather have them bound and on my bookshelf instead of the novels that are there now.

I wish the brilliance was louder than the insanity or hate or wank or anything else. I wish that, when people talked about fangirls and fandom, they didn’t have to explain or give excuses, or laugh, or roll their eyes, or feel awkward, or be forewarned. Because this the smartest, most exciting, most passionate creative engine I know of. I know it has its bad moments. But when it’s good, holy cow. I really wish I could just sit down with the actors and lay my hand on their arm and say, “You should see this.”


this shit sure doesn’t happen in the frank sinatra fandom 


Other people not in the fandom: It’s just a tv show



when something happens in your fandom but none of your friends are in it 




my cousin asked me what my favorite season was and i said “of what” and i just

it’s frightening how long it took me to figure out what was wrong with that response

do you ever just watch the first episode of your favorite show again and look at how plain and simple everyone is before character development sets in and terrible shit starts happening to everyone


If you don’t listen to this song and apply your fandom to it in some way and cry from feels YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.


maybe if I yell louder at the TV the characters will listen to me


this is ten percent asfdgf, twenty percent cry

fifteen percent help ive fallen im gonna die

five percent weeping, fifty percent done

and a hundred percent reason to fly into the sun


do u ever see other fandoms’ ships posts on your dash so often that you start shipping them too without even being part of that fandom